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NOVO electric spindle staple two-for-one twisting machine, the best choice of the yarn twist

High quality: the precision spindle motors, high-speed stable operation, small difference of spindle speed, twist

And low; Twisting parts processing, special equipment quality guarantee; Non-contact yarn breakage detection,

Significantly reduce the yarn hairiness.

High output: brushless dc motor spindle drive, frequency conversion motor drive winding traverse alone, true

Now the twisting and winding.

High efficiency: the design is compact, cover an area of an area small, the same area to install the machine and more

Number of ingot; Advanced control system to realize parametric setting, process, more varieties transform

Then quickly.

Low noise: electric spindle replaced dragon belt drive transmission, eliminating the dragon belt at high speed due to friction

Noise and vibration.

Low-power, single spindle driver is driven equipment based on the actual operation situation, and in the event of a

Renew yarn breakage and yarn, electric spindle will stop automatically, avoiding the unnecessary consumption of electricity

Combined with other physical loss is reduced, equipment power saving is obvious.

Low maintenance: optimization of simple transmission structure, stable and reliable product performance, make the maintenance

Have become easy. 

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